• Valentina sings at Sol y Sombra

    Download Valentina and Voces del Sur, performing impassioned and foot tapping Latin American songs at Sol y Sombra. Join us on this summer afternoon, at this warm and welcoming venue, very close to the sea. Don’t miss it! Amigos, no se lo pierdan, nuestra primera presentación en la ciudad de Dundee, cariños!

  • Valentina and Voces del Sur – live at the Roxy ArtHouse

    Valentina and Voces del Sur – live at the Roxy Arthouse A beautiful and intimate recording of a live concert at the Roxy Art House in Edinburgh. The recording was made in a particularly stunning venue, which at the time also held a notable exhibition of paintings of babies. This was particularly apt, as at the time Valentina was around seven months pregnant. This is a beautiful, warm recording, where every breath and every note is produced with tenderness and joy, for the audience and also a for her unborn child. A collector’s item.

  • Senderos

      Senderos (Pathways) This disc encompasses songs from many parts of South America, including Mexico, Venezuela, Argentina and of course, Chile. It includes traditional folk songs about life on the cotton fields (el cosechero – the harvester), melancholy love songs which convey the hardship of people’s lives and their dreams (los paraguas de Buenos Aires) and songs which celebrate the joy of dance and music. There are also political songs which stemmed from a continental surge of social change, revolution and repression. Notably the opening number Hasta siempre comandante, a tribute to Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara’s life and work and the heart rendering Las últimas palabras, composed using the words of Salvador Allende’s last presidential…

  • Daughter of Exile (Hija del exilio)

    Daughter of exile (Hija del exilio) This CD is part one of a series of two discs which deal with some of Valentina’s memories of exile. At the heart of this album is a poetic dialogue, in the form of progressive Latin American folk song, between singer Valentina and the child that she was when her family left Chile in 1977 to escape Pinochet’s military dictatorship. What does the little girl say to her future self? She whispers her dreams and favourite things … to be woven into song. Listen to samples from ‘Daughter of exile’ Luces del puerto La partida