Day: July 16, 2018

Valentina’s first recording with Mr McFall’s Chamber – Revolucionario

Revolucionario This is a vintage record from Mr McFall’s Chamber. Valentina Montoya Martínez’ first recording with the group, featuring tangos from its golden era, modern tango and also songs from Chile. The CD is a homage perhaps to Astor Piazzolla, who revolutionized the tango but possibly also to Ché Guevara, another Argentine of great world […]

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Valentina releases ‘La Pasionaria’ with Mr McFall’s Chamber.

La Pasionaria – with Mr McFall’s Chamber Valentina sings her own tango songs alongside Piazzolla’s modern tangos, with Mr McFall’s Chamber. Her songs were written over a number of years and pay homage to people she has known and admired, strong women and her own mother, to whom it is dedicated. Featuring a song for […]

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Valentina sings the part of María, in Piazzolla’s operita María de Buenos Aires.

María de Buenos Aires – A Mr McFall’s Chamber production Valentina and Mr McFall’s Chamber. Valentina takes on the lead part in María de Buenos Aires. This CD was dreamt up by Robert McFall around the time that Revolucionario was recorded. He had asked Valentina back then whether she would be interested in singing the […]

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